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Juri_000@ 4:01pm 02-17-2009
This is the best shit ever!! Thank you for making my day. I'm going to tell my sister to read this.

Juri_000 @ Gaia
OhEmGee-aPenguin@ 1:11am 02-17-2009
Snushums@ 2:17pm 02-16-2009
I wish I had a medal for you.
Trench Kamen@ 10:30pm 02-15-2009
Ah, lovely. Thank you for the laugh.
Alkimodon@ 1:05pm 02-12-2009
Nice site man.
Your Mother In Law@ 9:59pm 02-10-2009
Ahahaha ILU! ;D
You totally got a couple of laughs from me.
Good job and, thank you! xD
I don't hate Twilight nor love it. More liek dislike. x3
Well thankiusss . ;3
Gaia- Epically Dorky
xoxo Ashh.
natiinatiion@ 5:56pm 02-10-2009
One of my best friends game me the link to this blog, and I JUST had to read it.
I Was Laughing soooooo much, when I Read all the Books on simple one paged funny-wised shorts! XD

You are indeed quite creative in doing so...
I just HAD to say that. =3
Carolina J@ 11:33pm 02-08-2009
I agree. I do not like Twilight. I feel it is too childish, too simple, too slow. I like something more mature like Christine Feehan or Charlaine Harris or Anne Rice. I bet that even if i were 13 or 14 i would not like this book. I read it to see what is so especial about it.
The Sadistic Unicorn@ 1:27am 02-06-2009
A nice relief from school, where everybody pours glitter and crap all over themselves to delude themselves into thinking they are meyertards. Even the effing TEACHERS were into it. I nearly died.

In other words, you pwn. I loved it.

Gaia: The Sadistic Unicorn

n wn
XxblueemopandaxX@ 1:06am 02-05-2009
i thought it was total pwng of the book. >u< i luv ur version waaay better
L0LWHUTT?@ 12:37am 02-04-2009
how culd u say sumthin so mean bout dis awsum book? srsly! it totlly rox my eddie flavurved sox.


HOMG, I nearly pissed myself laughing after I read it because it was so true! I showed this to my fake-vampire obsessed franns and they twas like, "OMG HOW CULD HE SAYZ THIS SHIZ?". Thank you, my good sirrr :]
Maddie@ 5:55pm 02-03-2009
This made me laugh so fucking hard. You definitely hit the nail on the head with your summaries.
Woo hoo, hatred for SMeyer, spread the love/hate/wiggles.
Gaia: Cheshire.Chick
Rebecca@ 5:41pm 02-03-2009
Dude thiis was sooooo fucking funny! I just absolutly loved it! I read all the books and had basiclly the same point of view o it.

Gaia: xXcantbeperfectXx
Cuntivore@ 10:51am 02-03-2009
Those books made me cringe. You've most perfectly summarized them. I thank you.
SRGNT FGGT@ 7:50pm 02-01-2009
LOLOLOLOL. Even though I liked the books [[not in an obsessive fangirl way but in a 'something to read after exams and work' way]] this was still fucking funny. The movie sucked ass.

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