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Rosietron@ 9:21pm 07-26-2009
Kudos to you for making through those poorly written books. As a fan of literature, it's a disgusting series. I could go to and find the same 'plot' for free a million times over. Maybe that's where Meyer started.

Go have yourself a drink :D
Li Amia@ 4:15am 07-26-2009
So. Damn. Awesome. You're my favorite person ever.

I liked the end of your book 1 best. *sparkle*
twilightvampire01@ 10:43am 07-20-2009
Nice blog looks like a bit of thought went into it, looking for tons of gossip for my other sites
Kye@ 4:36pm 07-15-2009
This totally made my day. I shall go on to read the other summaries, and enjoy them also. :D
Tashee-ko@ 12:01am 07-15-2009

It made total sense, and it's true, Meyers has such pitiful and degrading grammar for what she published. Ah, that made my evening~

Congratulations on another job well done~

Especially with the rotting plot and the dangerous sparkles.~ Total win!
Kaidona@ 1:13pm 07-01-2009
I think I love you for the sound troucing you gave this wholly depressing and mentally regressive dross. The following carried by that steaming pile that dares call itself literature is utterly baffling, and they get more terrifying by the day. Your fifth book was hilarious, by the way, and I don't blame you for not finishing the series. I haven't even read it, and from the research I've done, it looks like I don't need to to see just how bad it is. That was a real undertaking, and I commend you for it.

...Yes, I'm one of those anti-Twilighters that just hunts around for parodies, biting reviews, and the funniest bits of wank and butthurt I can find. I'm a terrible person. ._.;

I'm on Gaia myself, but I haven't logged in in ages. You're free to have a gander if you so choose, however.
Veronica@ 8:42pm 06-28-2009
You're spot on with the criticism of the craptastic series. Short and sweet. The series is not only a badly written collection of shit but it also poses Meyer's propaganda that clearly has won over unsuspecting retards who have just eaten it all up.
Michael@ 2:15pm 06-12-2009
Adella@ 11:19pm 06-11-2009
AWESOME summaries! They were fucking hilarious.
I_WAS_LEGEND@ 12:39am 06-10-2009
Congratulations on surviving all of the books, I couldn't even get halfway through the first before putting it in my firepit.
Paolo@ 11:41pm 06-05-2009
This Twilight summary is better than being high.
TALIA@ 6:02pm 06-02-2009
better than the books, in my opinion
Pitye@ 4:39am 06-02-2009
Sorry to hear about that plagiarism. Anyway, good job on the summary. Great, accurate stuff. Haha.

I'm on Gaia, too. My username's Elcyion Pitye. I haven't been there in a while, but... meh. I try and check it every once in a while. XD
Ben_Kei-100@ 3:37am 06-02-2009

Great summary! Short, sweet, and just fucking brilliant!
flemyng fan@ 6:54pm 06-01-2009
excellent work, child of logic. Twilight is the absolute worst crap. Thinking of it makes me rage like a madwoman. The greatest display of idiocy since Hannah Montana.

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