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Matt (Again...)@ 8:58pm 03-11-2009
Oh, BTW, my user on gaia is Injustice-Shall-Fall.
Matt->username below@ 8:57pm 03-11-2009
Very well done.
I've posted links to this on the Anti-Twilight Guilds on Facebook.
I hope you don't mind.
Calaad (yukut)@ 5:50pm 03-08-2009
Fucking. Awesome. You summed the book better than I could imagine. Twilight sucks, and you rock. Oh yeah I am on Gaia and my username is Yukut.
Christiana@ 10:48pm 03-07-2009
beyond beyond awesome hell better than the book!
Aki@ 12:58am 03-06-2009
Shite man, that was so friggin' awesome <3 I fell in love with that.
I tried reading the first book (it was a gift D:) I threw it across the room in frustration.
Unfortunately, If I showed this to my friends, they would not appreciate your genius but would start a bonfire using this as fuel.
And probably all my Anti Twilight pictures.
Gaia - Starry Twinkler
Kriszti@ 7:03pm 03-03-2009
Fidel@ 1:01am 02-23-2009
Haha, I read the series based on the recommendations of girls in my classes. However, this is much more concise and better written than Meyer's series.

Gaia - Lord Fidel
Mol@ 5:02am 02-22-2009
Ha ha! I love this! Can I print this out too and show a couple people at my school? I'll put the URL on the paper. There's a few people I know that NEED to read this. I couldn't even finish the first book because it wasn't going ANYWHERE! This is just amazing!
Duckie@ 11:56pm 02-21-2009
This is better than the actually series itself. Personally, I've only read the first one but that was enough for me. Can I have your permission to print these out and hand them around my school?

Look me up on Gaia,

The Stallion Duck x
blah@ 2:30pm 02-21-2009
lol just wanna tell you that you're a comic genius and with your wise and accurate words I have managed to convert my friends from obsessives to haters :) thankyou!
Canabal Prowler@ 11:24am 02-21-2009
I loved these little summary of these books. They made me laugh so hard that I was glad I wasn't drinking anything...if you get my drift.
I read the first four books, but really I started to get annoyed while reading them. ⌐.⌐'
I know a lot of people say that there are a lot of grammatical errors, but I didn't see them. But that could be because I have grammar problems myself. *tear*
I hope you continue to keep adding more of these.
Gaia - Canabal Prowler
Cherub Hope@ 9:04pm 02-19-2009
Ha! Lovely, lovely! It's very blunt and you got all the main points! Even though, so to speak, those points were totally irrevalent to whatever plotline was going on. I think it was just an OMGVAMPIREHUMANLOVESQUEELOVELOVE kinda thing going on.

Oh, and Aro doesn't die in book four. The Volturi are like, "OMG BITCH GOT POWER. WE GTFO NAO, KTHXBYE."

Yeah. Big build up. I think Meyer wanted to write a fight scene, got cowardly, and totally killed the battle.

Fun stuff. I'm favoriting the site. :3

By the way, I'm Cherub Hope from Gaia.
inavars@ 12:55pm 02-18-2009
marry me??

LOL srsly,u made my day!!
Ryu_wolfy@ 9:58pm 02-17-2009
Just for giggles: *gasp* Omg you are idiot.. *insert babbling crap of twilight fans*

I have to say I love this blog, I never read the books and I always knew the Meyers was a horrible writer.. I'm aspiring to be an english/theatre major but I when I see her books I cringe.

Hit me up on gaia, kay?

(oh and just in case the whole omg your an idiot babbling crap is a joke... sometimes people don't get when I'm joking... Don't ask, long story)
Oh, I want to find out how she portrays werewolves.. I bet atrociously but.. yeah If there was a kudos button i would click it till.... well, click it till your maxed out.
Juri_000@ 4:01pm 02-17-2009
This is the best shit ever!! Thank you for making my day. I'm going to tell my sister to read this.

Juri_000 @ Gaia

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