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flemyng fan@ 6:54pm 06-01-2009
excellent work, child of logic. Twilight is the absolute worst crap. Thinking of it makes me rage like a madwoman. The greatest display of idiocy since Hannah Montana.
Vos Vadum Reverto@ 4:57pm 05-23-2009
Brilliant! That pretty much sums it up right there.
maja@ 1:17pm 05-11-2009
good work! that is the best summary of a load of complete bull i've read in a long time. thoroughly entertained (:
Zack D@ 11:56pm 05-06-2009
Great site, I was looking for some summary of these books that would be funny as well. You see, I am married to a twilight-addict and she bugs me to read the books, now I just read your awesome summaries and today at dinner I said something about Bella jumping off a cliff and being saved by Edward. She looked at me like I was Edward and we ending up having a really hot night together. So thanks again!
st_owly@ 1:00pm 04-30-2009
haha well done! keep up the good work :-)
Haley@ 11:57am 04-22-2009
Dear God. I love you.
Dominique@ 3:40pm 04-19-2009
Oh god, that was funny! I hate Twilight, so I make it a weekly practice to find anti sites. Also, I AM an English major and I can safely say that SM would fail any class I've ever taken. Where did the aftermath come from? Did she really write a horrendous sequel?
Reno@ 8:30pm 04-09-2009
xDDD Oh my. I laughed so hard reading all this. I haven't read any farther then chapter one of Twilight. I couldn't get passed it for she had to describe EVERY LITTLE THING. I mean, really. And then how dumb Bella is, and they say she's not a Mary-sue. -__-;; If she isn't, then why do most of the guys fal for her? God. I hate Twilight, and I don't think I'll ever understand anyone who does.

:D I enjoyed the read, it was definitely hilarious, and hope to read more if Meyer isn't emo and makes another book. You MUST bash more once she has another book out!
Mistic Frozenn@ 5:35am 04-08-2009
Yep that's my Gaia username.
I've never read nor watched Twilight just for the fact that I hate paranormal x human lovestories.
All these negativity going on around is making me curious though.
Anyways.... thanks for the lulz. >_>
Moose@ 3:41pm 04-05-2009
You might just be my new hero.

As a soon to be high school English teacher, Stephanie Meyer will be my example to classes on why they need to learn how to write, regardless of major.
Hinoiri [Darkest One@ 8:21pm 04-02-2009
I only read the one on the first book (I lack an attention span...sorry) but I did find it hillarious and totally true!!! I agree with like everything!! I hate the character's Isabella Swan and Edward Cullen. I've read the first the books and I'm reading the fourth book now and so far I'm only liking the werewolf character's to the point of their imprinting. (By the way my name is Hinoiri [Darkest One] I just couldn't put in the last bracket.)
Hrisie@ 5:46pm 04-02-2009

No, srsly. Great blog.
Andrea@ 6:15pm 04-01-2009
I loved your blog. I have never read Twilight (just bits and pieces, borrowed Twilight from a friend to see what she found so appealing. Never figured it out.), but I am so fed up with the fandom I've encountered that I have given up all hope. My obsessed classmates have given me one reason to read the Twilight series: Edward. They can give me no better reason. I'm confident that no character could redeem an entire series of plotless-ness.

Again, loved the summaries. You have comic talent. My Gaia username if you want it is Icily.
Psykee@ 5:41pm 03-20-2009
Awesome. I've read the first book. As I was reading, I just kept going...hoping that it would develop. I was wrong. I don't mind the book too much. But what really bugs me is all the obsession that's become of it.

I work in a bookstore. So you can probably guess how it's gotten for me. Twilight shoelaces, Twilight game, Twilight umbrella. You name it, we got it. And I watch everyone oogle over it. It's disgusting.

Keep this up! It makes me happy.
Erin Elizabeth@ 7:27pm 03-12-2009
Hey i really loved your blog. great job.
and i was wondering if you could help me out? I'm writing a book at the moment. I'm only 19 but i feel i have more skills at my age than stephenie meyer will ever have lol. is that too harsh? oh well.
anyway, you seem to have some really strong (and true) opinions on why twilight is a terrible book. i'd love to know some key points that every author should gather from the twilight saga in order to avoid such a horrible book going to press. so in my book the girl protagonist likes a guy. now, doesn't every girl see the guy they like as "edward-esque-perfect" in a way? but i should look to make sure the guy protagonist has character flaws, right? that's what makes a good book right - that characters have flaws. because what im gathering is that bella and edward are such mary/gary-stus that they let down the book in a massive way. basically, i would love to know what mistakes to avoid so as not to turn out like S.M.

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