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Ryan@ 5:27am 01-18-2010
I'd like to point out one thing. In you'r authors quote, you write " ...If you have a problem with that please don't read all four summaries and then harass me in comments..." Yet it seems that you've read the entire twilight saga and, are now, harrasing twilight fans, and, indirectly, Steph Myer herself. Makes you think, dosn't it. How you believe that twilight fans arn't allowed the same luxouries as yourself. So, insted of critisizing you in the normal ways twitards would, I insted leave you with this: Stephenie Meyer is still a person with feelings, and how would you feel if you'd put all that time and effort into a series of novles [even if they wern't the most well written] and an entire internet culture came along and tried to tear it all down?

The crazy rabid twilight fans may give the regular, inteligent ones a bad name, but it's egotistic smart arses like yourself that give us non fans a bad name.

I'm sorry for the many spelling mistakes in that post.
Helion@ 4:30am 01-08-2010
Excellent work!!!
Kat@ 7:30pm 12-15-2009
This was so hilarious, I loved it. Unfortunately, I have read all the Twilight books and these summaries are dead on. I got many lulz from reading them. The world needs more people like you that have, you know, a brain, or at least a portion of one. I love vampires and Dracula is one of my favorites. But now Stephenie's gone and ruined vampires for me, I'll need to crawl in a hole until Twilight loses popularity and vampires have a good name again. Until then, I will browse the internetz for more summaries/parodies like these. Thank you for actually using your brain and comprehending the horrible pieces of literature the Twilight books are.
Alex@ 9:19am 11-30-2009
Truer words have never been spoken.
Twilight is a shitheap in every respect.
I feel sorry for the poor actors and actresses who had to play these horrendous, flat, empty shells of characters.

Brilliant summary.
inês@ 10:31am 11-28-2009
I love your for writing this, I really do. I am a 16-year-old girl and, unlike 70% of my friends, realize this book is entirely a flaming piece of crap. I got a decent number of laughs out of this, and plus, it's so entirely accurate, thank you for sharing!
autumn@ 4:47am 11-14-2009
hey this rocks man:D
i'm going to link you
Sachi@ 10:33pm 11-01-2009
You are awesome. The world needs more intelligent people like you, and dramatically less of the Twitards and Meyer.
Heilagmanoth@ 4:53pm 10-11-2009
You are a genius. The amount of fantards reading Twilight makes me worry about the next generation's intelligence...

A grim though.

-Heilagmanoth on Gaia.
V13@ 6:19pm 10-04-2009
You are amazing :) You let me skip the process of reading the books and show off to my friends that I do not need to read the book to know how much it sucks. Thank you for wasting the money to buy those *Flammable* books. What you have lost in finances you have gained in fandom. Please message me sometime, I would love to speak with you.
Ghost@ 3:04pm 09-28-2009
Amusing. Very much so. I hereby award you 17 internets.

Keep up the brilliant work.
Saoirse@ 12:19am 09-24-2009
Goddamn brilliant work here. I applaud you. I have not read the books--I'm amazed I haven't been trapped and forced to read them by some rabid horde of fans yet--but this tells me all I need to know. Epic Win.
--Saoirse TEatime on Gaia
Find R Seven@ 4:23pm 09-15-2009
You spelled "reek" wrong multiple times.
Hahah@ 11:00pm 08-30-2009
Love it! I have never read these shit books, will never read these shit books and have no interest in the naughties version of Flowers in the idiot Attic. I am amazed how many morons think this rubbish is gold. Keep on telling the idiots to fuck themselves :D
AKU (ai-dollface_)@ 12:34am 08-16-2009
oh you win so much
LovelyDays@ 12:33pm 08-15-2009
Awesome parodies. XD It pretty much sums up the series in general. I almost forgot about the Jacob imprinting but yet I never read all of Breaking Dawn (skipped 1/2 of his POV). Other than that, GREAT JOB! Applause to you!

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